La Favorita

"Soprano Kristina Malinauskaite, as Ines, Leonora’s companion, made a star turn of entrance cavatina “Bei raggi lucenti!,” appending not only a bright, high cadenza to it, but also a blazing top note to its cabaletta"
– [Q]onStage: A Favorite Mezzo Limns an Extraordinary Favorite of the King
by Bruce-Michael Gelbert 
01 May 2018


"Kristina Malinauskaite, as the high priestess,..... distinguished [herself] in [the] supporting role and joined the full company in giving us rousing Triumphal Scene ensemble"
[Q]onStage: Small West Side Opera Unleashes a Big “Aida”
by Bruce-Michael Gelbert
26 FEB 2018

Chansons de Baudelaire concert 

"Kristina Malinauskaite’s rendition of Debussy’s Recueillement was rich, delicate and subtle."
Theater Scene: Dell’Arte Opera Ensemble: Verdi’s La Traviata & Chansons de Baudelaire by
19 SEP 2016

" “Recueillement,” pensively set by Claude Debussy and rendered with a sort of time-exempting calm by soprano Kristina Malinauskaite"
My Scena: The Art, the Craft, the dell’Arte Opera Ensemble by Charles Geyer
20 SEP 2016


"Fine feminine cavorting accompanied Kristina Malinauskaite, Perri Sussman and Hillary Grobe's cheeky huddling as the three actors Poussette, Javotte, and Rosette."
OperaChaser: Dell'Arte Opera Ensemble's clear-sighted concept and beautiful singing give Manon flesh in New York by Paul Selar
28 AUG 2016

"...three actresses Poussette, Javotte, and Rosette, sung with finesse by Kristina Malinauskaite, Perri Sussman, and Hillary Grobe."
 Parterre box: Can't buy my love by
22 AUG 2016

"We very much enjoyed the performances of the three "actresses"--Kristina Malinauskaite as Poussette, Perri Sussman as Javotte, and Hillary Grobe as Rosette."
Voce di Meche: Violetta and her Sisters by Meche Kroop
26 AUG 2016

"Other notable performances were given by...Kristina Malinauskaite and Perri Sussman and...Hillary Grobe as a trio of Manon's histrionic rivals"
My Scena: The Art, the Craft, the dell’Arte Opera Ensemble by Charles Geyer
20 SEP 2016

Lucia di Lammermoor

"It's been over two years since we heard soprano Kristina Malinauskaite sing "Regnava nel silencio" at a Dell'Arte Opera Ensemble recital.  Yesterday we got to hear her perform the entire role, one for which she is well suited."
– Voce di Meche: Lucia--A Ghost Story by Meche Kroop
16 NOV 2015

La Traviata 

"Everything was there in the performance--the dignified bearing, the depth of feeling, the brilliant upper register, and above all, the ability to convey the conflict between the high life and the love life.  "È strano....fors'è lui" followed by the cabaletta "Sempre libera" illustrated this very effectively. Ms. Malinauskaite had exemplary control over the dynamics and produced a well modulated portamento."
Voce di Meche: A Fine Romance by Meche Kroop
28 SEP 2015